Santana Nation Hupa Tribe Annual Charity project.

Congratulations to our Santana Nation Hupa. They held their annual kick-off event for their charity drive. The tribe  made “no-sew” blankets that they delivered to the Tustin Area Senior Center’s Senior Santa Project. Members of the Police Department and senior center met with members of the Tustin Teens in Action, Orange County Adult Protective Services and Santana Hupa to accept their donations and place them under the senior center’s Christmas tree. According to Sarah Randall, recreation coordinator for the Tustin Area Senior Center, “We had a great turnout with tons of donations. We are so excited to start our donation drive.”

Through Dec. 23, donations can be dropped off at the Tustin Area Senior Center at 200 S. C St. or the Tustin Police Department at 300 Centennial Way. For more information, call 714-573-3107.


Hupas at Senior Center-2


Santana Nation Turkey shoot a success!

This years Turkey shoot was a big success! We had 156 shooters from both guides and princesses come out and enjoy the opportunity to try their hand at shooting arrows at colorful turkey targets. Once again the CSUF Titan Archery team did a great job of handling this event in a safe manner. No injuries were reported other than the turkey targets! I’d like to thank Greg Assaf, our Santana Nation Chief, for coordinating with St. Jeanne De Lestonnac School as the location of this years event. We had many children from the school join us this year that gave the school some exposure to what we have to offer the community as a Longhouse. I’d also like to thank my fellow Cherokee brothers for their help. (you know who you are!)

There have been talks about having a Spring time archery event similar to the Turkey Shoot. As plans are drawn up, more info will go out to all Nations.


Eric Bergeron Longhouse Sandpainter

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Annual Turkey Shoot

Save the date! November 15-16 we will be having our annual Turkey shoot. This is sponsored by the Santana Nation and war chiefed by the Cherokee.  All Tribes and Nations of the Longhouse  are envited to participate. This is a two day event with limited time slots. Dads are welcome to shoot too if they so choose.  Kids color and shoot at their Turkey targets with real bows and arrows. No experience necessary. The event is run by the Cal State Fullerton Archery team. If your tribe wants to attend, email Eric Bergeron @



Articles, News, Posts for our Indian Guides / Indian Princess program:

With Summer here, it’s not too early to start your tribe’s recruiting.   The Longhouse has two new marketing pieces that can assist your effort to bring on new members.  

See PDF:  2015 Orange Skies Longhouse Recruiting Materials

Both the Longhouse Flyers and Arrow Invitations are provided free of charge and can be picked up at Kustom Imprints in Orange, CA.   This company is owned by Longhouse member Mark Kuli and if email him day ahead, he will count out number of each pieces you want .  BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE- if you also want pre-printed 2″ by 4″ mail labels with your own personalized Tribe name, Chief’s name + phone and email, just send him that information.

Kustom Imprints is located at 1661 N. Glassell Street, Orange, CA 92867.    The business hours are Mon- Thurs 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM / Fri 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM / Closed Sat & Sun.

Email Mark ahead at:   and if you have any questions, you can call him at (714) 771-5768 Ext. 106.


Longhouse Chief Induction and Awards Dinner

As our first successful year as an independent Longhouse comes to a close,  it was time to honor the Longhouse council and pass on the feathers to a new Longhouse Chief. The awards dinner was held at Holy Family Church which has been the location for all our Longhouse meetings this year. A great dinner was catered by Smokey Fred’s BBQ and was served to the 60+ Braves in attendance. A great slide show was put together by Steve Vegh using the new Longhouse Audio/Visual system and played while everyone was enjoying their meal.

After dinner, our soon to be Longhouse Sachem, Daniel “Smoked Turkey Wing” Alexander, swore in Mike Schmitt as our new Longhouse Chief. Also sworn in was our new Longhouse Medicine Man, Mike Garcia. Noonay to both of you! The Longhouse has a very bright future with leaders like you!

We’d also like to thank Daniel for a job well done in guiding us in this year of transition. It was a difficult task especially at the beginning of the year but he along with the rest of the council made sure it was a seamless transition. A big Noonay goes to you Smoked Turkey Wing for a job well done!

Also recognized were the 10 Nations chiefs that was your Longhouse council. Eric Bergeron from the Santana Nation, Norbert Lippert from the Sequoia Nation, Dan Shortall from the Sun Nation, Karl Arnold from the Star Nation, William Selman from the Sky Nation, Ron Berry from the Foothill Nation, Will Hare from the Mountain Eagle Nation, Reggie Ulrich from the Red Hill Nation, Roger Tefft from the River Nation and Tim Dodson from the Valley Nation. A big Noonay goes out to them for help in making this year a success.

A couple of special “Smoked Turkey Wing” awards were given out by Daniel to two of our Longhouse council members for their hard work throughout the year. Doug Hathaway and Norbert Lippert have been working tirelessly in multiple aspects in getting this Longhouse started and running smoothly. Thank you Doug and Norbert!


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Santana Nation Turkey Shoot.

Once again the Santana Nation held it’s annual Turkey Shoot. A big Noonay goes to the Santana Cherokee for once again hosting this great event. Guides and Princesses lined up side by side to shoot at their colorfully colored turkey targets. All the kids were excited to get those bows in their hands. We would  like to thank the CSUF archery team for running this event. It’s a great fundraiser for their team. Plans and dates are already being set for next year. Also a huge Noonay goes out to The Holy Family Cathedral for allowing us to once again use their facility for one of our events.


Eric (Bigfoot) Bergeron

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