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2020 Indy 500 Results

Below are the Indy 500 results for 2020:

1st Place: Riley Denton
2nd Place: Henry Mcarther
3rd Place: Leah Jones
4rd Place: Davin Mc Millen
5th Place: Ryan Keil
6th Place: Tyler Harrison


Princess Results

Guides Results

Longhouse Results

2019 Indy 500 Results

Below are the Indy 500 results for 2019:

1st Place: Marley Bucago
2nd Place: Leeland Keith
3rd Place: Lola Selman
4th Place: Kalena Lenz

Princess Results

Guides Results

Longhouse Results

2017 Indy 500 Results

Below are the top 5 cars in the longhouse guides / princess finals, best-of-the-best race of the 270 racers this year:

1st Place: Ashley Peterson
2nd Place: Ian Jones
3rd Place: Wyatt Hanson
4th Place: Eva Peery
5th Place: Leeland Keith

2017 Longhouse Princess-Guides Finals

2017 Longhouse Princess Finals

2017 Longhouse Guides Finals

2017 Sun Finals

2017 Star Finals

2017 Sky Finals

2017 Sequoia Finals

2017 Santana Finals

2017 River Finals

2017 Redhill Finals

2017 Mt. Eagle Finals

2017 Foothill Finals

2017 Valley Finals


Longhouse Chief Induction and Awards Dinner

As our first successful year as an independent Longhouse comes to a close,  it was time to honor the Longhouse council and pass on the feathers to a new Longhouse Chief. The awards dinner was held at Holy Family Church which has been the location for all our Longhouse meetings this year. A great dinner was catered by Smokey Fred’s BBQ and was served to the 60+ Braves in attendance. A great slide show was put together by Steve Vegh using the new Longhouse Audio/Visual system and played while everyone was enjoying their meal.

After dinner, our soon to be Longhouse Sachem, Daniel “Smoked Turkey Wing” Alexander, swore in Mike Schmitt as our new Longhouse Chief. Also sworn in was our new Longhouse Medicine Man, Mike Garcia. Noonay to both of you! The Longhouse has a very bright future with leaders like you!

We’d also like to thank Daniel for a job well done in guiding us in this year of transition. It was a difficult task especially at the beginning of the year but he along with the rest of the council made sure it was a seamless transition. A big Noonay goes to you Smoked Turkey Wing for a job well done!

Also recognized were the 10 Nations chiefs that was your Longhouse council. Eric Bergeron from the Santana Nation, Norbert Lippert from the Sequoia Nation, Dan Shortall from the Sun Nation, Karl Arnold from the Star Nation, William Selman from the Sky Nation, Ron Berry from the Foothill Nation, Will Hare from the Mountain Eagle Nation, Reggie Ulrich from the Red Hill Nation, Roger Tefft from the River Nation and Tim Dodson from the Valley Nation. A big Noonay goes out to them for help in making this year a success.

A couple of special “Smoked Turkey Wing” awards were given out by Daniel to two of our Longhouse council members for their hard work throughout the year. Doug Hathaway and Norbert Lippert have been working tirelessly in multiple aspects in getting this Longhouse started and running smoothly. Thank you Doug and Norbert!


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Tustin Tiller Parade is here October 5th

The Tustin Tiller Parade is here October 5’th.  This is a well kept secret that all membership should participate in. The Santana Apache have loaned us their Giant Teepee for the float.  Behind it Princesses and Guides will sit on the float behind a mock campfire.  Braves will walk along and kids will zoom by on scooters to paint the spectators along the parade route with war paint.  Especially if you are Chief or Medicine Man, this is an opportunity to show off your headdresses and to recruit kids for your tribe.  This year the city of Tustin is allowing us to distribute flyers to kids along the parade route.  This is like an Old Fashion Parade down Main Street USA.  Come let you child be part of this classic and nostalgic event.
Check in is at 8:30AM  Here is a link to the parade route:
Bring scooters, headdresses, sunscreen and bottle of drinking water.
Contact War Chiefs:
Jeff Patrick 714 222-3269
Mike Mitchell  626 733-3127
Steve Vegh  714 264-0407 
 Tiller Float  girlFB Tustin Tiller (8) IMG_8284