Santana Nation Turkey shoot a success!

This years Turkey shoot was a big success! We had 156 shooters from both guides and princesses come out and enjoy the opportunity to try their hand at shooting arrows at colorful turkey targets. Once again the CSUF Titan Archery team did a great job of handling this event in a safe manner. No injuries were reported other than the turkey targets! I’d like to thank Greg Assaf, our Santana Nation Chief, for coordinating with St. Jeanne De Lestonnac School as the location of this years event. We had many children from the school join us this year that gave the school some exposure to what we have to offer the community as a Longhouse. I’d also like to thank my fellow Cherokee brothers for their help. (you know who you are!)

There have been talks about having a Spring time archery event similar to the Turkey Shoot. As plans are drawn up, more info will go out to all Nations.


Eric Bergeron Longhouse Sandpainter

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