Orange Street Fair Fundraiser

The Orange Street Festival starts tomorrow Friday August 30, 2013 and we have been granted the fundraising opportunity for the Almond Street parking lot on the South side of Almond Street between Center and Grand. The City requires at least two volunteers be available during operation so please refer to the sign up sheet below for times we may need help. If you have volunteered, please arrive a few minutes early for your shift. BRING SUN SCREEN & WATER. I have a EZ-UP, table, chairs brochures and signs. If you are working a time slot after dark please bring a flashlight. If for any reason you cannot fill your time slot, please call me in advance and if possible find someone to take your place.

There are a few slots available on Saturday and Sunday. Please follow the link below and sign up to help. Last year this lot raised approximately $3000.00 for the charity who managed it. It is the Almond Street parking lot between Old Grand and Center on the south side of Almond. Banners and signs are being printed. 

Thank you for volunteering and I look forward to seeing you there.

Ed Carter
714-313-7338 Cell