Orange Street Fair fundraiser was a huge success!

Our first fundraising effort as a new Longhouse has paid off! We collected $3018.00 in parking fees and donations. A few people gave $10.00 (included in the $3018) donations because they had great memories of the program. Additionally, R.E.E. Insurance and The Real Estate Establishment has committed to an additional $300.00 donation so the total raised will be $3318.00. Can we get a Noo to the Nay!!

The Longhouse would like to thank the City of Orange, Irma Hernandez Deputy City Manager, Councilmen Denis Bilodeau and the following volunteers: Brad Renoult, Doug Hathaway, Don McCarroll, Dan Hughes, Gil Salazar, Chris McDonough, Scot Ikeda, Jeff Hardman, Mike Mitchell, Frank Murphy, Chris Bauer, Jim Azling, Steve Okamura,  Daniel Alexander, Alan Roney, Jodi Roney, Julie Roney, Alton Klein, Dave Welch, Richard Chrystie, John Hanson, Norbert Lippert, Eric Bergeron, Jeff Oymaian, Dan Coffman, Mike Schmitt, Greg Assaf, Ron Berry, Ben Phillips, Ed Carter plus all the princesses that volunteered.

A few other points. Many, many people expressed their support and memories of our program. Several elderly people commented that their parents had been in the program before them and had wonderful childhood memories of their time spent in the program with Dad. We have a proud heritage.  We also forged some new relationships with other non-profits. The Orange Senior Center and Orange Choral Music.

The Great Spirit is please with the Longhouse of the Orange Skies!image IMG_3965 IMG_3967 IMG_3961 IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3962