Tustin Tiller Parade is here October 5th

The Tustin Tiller Parade is here October 5’th.  This is a well kept secret that all membership should participate in. The Santana Apache have loaned us their Giant Teepee for the float.  Behind it Princesses and Guides will sit on the float behind a mock campfire.  Braves will walk along and kids will zoom by on scooters to paint the spectators along the parade route with war paint.  Especially if you are Chief or Medicine Man, this is an opportunity to show off your headdresses and to recruit kids for your tribe.  This year the city of Tustin is allowing us to distribute flyers to kids along the parade route.  This is like an Old Fashion Parade down Main Street USA.  Come let you child be part of this classic and nostalgic event.
Check in is at 8:30AM  Here is a link to the parade route: http://www.tustintillerdays.org/PDF/ParadeRouteMap2012.pdf
Bring scooters, headdresses, sunscreen and bottle of drinking water.
Contact War Chiefs:
Jeff Patrick 714 222-3269
Mike Mitchell  626 733-3127
Steve Vegh  714 264-0407 
 Tiller Float  girlFB Tustin Tiller (8) IMG_8284