Trail Mates And Trail Blazers Programs

Recent Grads & Friends of Recent Grads of the Princess & Guides Program

A number of dads with sons or daughters who have graduated out of the guides and princess program have expressed an interest in resurrecting the Trail Blazers and Trail Mates Programs. These programs are for older boys or girls and their dads where they plan about 3 events a year. We all graduate from the program for a variety of reasons, but graduation comes at a time when our kids need even more opportunities to spend time with us as they grow older and need their fathers to provide a solid male role model to demonstrate to them how a man should behave in their presence. This program is designed to provide a few more years of fathers sharing time and forging stronger lifelong bonds with their kids.
The Trail Blazers and Trail Mates Program are designed to be less time consuming than the guide/princess program. Generally, one activity is an adventure such as camping, hiking, rafting , etc. One event is community service oriented. The number and type of events depend on the make-up of the kids in their particular Nation. Meetings would be necessary and would be run by the boys or girls with guidance from their dads. If there is an interest and we can put this together quickly, it would be great to have a presence at the up coming fall camp out.
Our NEW LONGHOUSE supports this program. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP. If you know other individuals who may be interested, please pass the word. Remember, Trail Blazers and Trail Mates are two separate programs.
Thank you for your support of The Longhouse of the Orange Skies, Non Profit.
Doug “Gray Fox” Hathaway
Longhouse Sachem