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Santana Cherokee Winter Campout

The Santana Cherokee had their annual winter campout up in Big Bear this year at the Grey Squirrel Resort. As was the case 2 years running, mother nature did not cooperate with us and provide the winter wonderland that we wanted for our trip. Shorts and some tee-shirts were more the order for daytime activities as the temps were in the low 60’s. But the Princesses still made due and fun was had by all. Friday night consisted of Pizza at one of the local eateries. The girls kept busy that night by playing pool or just basically jumping all over the beds in one of the lofts. Laughter filled the place until the wee hours. Saturday consisted of a great breakfast then everyone packed up and took a trip across the lake to the Discovery Center to enjoy the sites then the tribe took a nice nature hike. Lunch was held afterwards at another one of the many eateries then back to the cabins. Braves napped and kids played until dinner. Our Hunter Gatherers made a great rib and chicken dinner with all the fixings. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and enjoying ice-cream for desert. All in all even without snow, the Cherokee had a fantastic weekend high up on the mountain!

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Indian 500

On January 24th-25th the Longhouse held its annual Indian 500 at The Village of Orange. Tribes held their car shaping meetings throughout the month to prepare for the race. Jeff Peterson and his race committee prepped the track and installed it in the mall earlier that week. Families were able to take their cars during the week to tune up and practice trying to squeeze out as much speed as they could. The doors to the mall opened at 7:30am both days for the first Nation races of the day. After a few false starts with some timing glitches, we were underway. Cars of all shapes and sizes came out that day. All eyes were glued to the finish-line to see whose car came in 1st place for that heat. All our Nation Chiefs did a great job running their races like a well oiled machine. In the end, all eyes were on the projected race screen for the final results. Every Nation had their top 10 cars and trophies were presented and photos taken of the winners. The top 5 of every Nation had the option to come back later in the day to race all the other Nation’s top 5. Speeds were fast with everyone bighting their nails at the end when the results were displayed. Again the top 10 cars recieved trophies for their efforts. A big Noonay to Jeff Peterson and the race committee for putting on another great race. Also a big Noonay to The Village of Orange for hosting.
If you enjoy this event and would like to become a volunteer like Jeff Peterson and learn how to run this event for the future of the program, please contact Jeff via email on the Longhouse website! To see the results of the all the Nation races and Longhouse finals, click on the links below.
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