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Spend QUALITY TIME, doing FUN activities with your SON, DAUGHTER, NEPHEW, NIECE, GRANDCHILDREN…  Our Father/Daughter (Indian Princess) and Father/Son (Indian Guides) program helps develop life-long bonds while camping, hiking, fishing, volunteering in the community, or attending a Daddy – Daughter Dance. Using Native American themes and values throughout our Indian Guides / Indian Princess activities, our Big Braves give their Little Braves and Little Princesses valuable learning experiences and cherished memories.

If you aren’t already in our program JOIN one of our Indian Guides OR Indian Princess tribes and begin enjoying your time together at events such as our Fall Campout, Winter Campout, Spring Campout, Indian 500 Pinewood Derby, Turkey Shoot, our Pancake Breakfast and monthly Tribal events.

IT'S OFFICIALLY KODA MONTH! This month is dedicated to the greatest, bravest and wisest Chief to ever to roam the lands of Yucaipa under the Orange Skies. We all hope to see his spirit rise again soon at the Fall Campouts to listen to his wisdom (and humor). What's your favorite Koda memory?
THE SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY KICKED OFF!! No, Indian Princesses and Guides season. What season were you thinking of? How are you and your tribe kicking off your season?
A NOOnay season is upon us!! Meet all the new big and little Tribal and Nation Chiefs for our Princess and Guides tribes for the upcoming year. They’re all now properly trained and ready to lead their nations and tribes through the fun-filled adventures ahead. It’s go time, let’s NOO this!
It's Back-To-School time! We wish all of our families and friends a very happy and safe Back-To-School experience. The Great Spirit shares with us great knowledge and wisdom, and it's great to see all of our talented young braves and princesses carry those gifts with them into the future - we are very proud of all of you. Cherish this time to learn and grow together, as we cherish our outings and adventures together! NOONAY!!!
Anyone else?
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